About Us

Tap The Web is a Web-site Provider for the Office Equipment Industry. The founder of Tap The Web, Tim Piette, has been in the copier business for over 30 years. Tim has sold multiple product lines and owned a dealership. Tim also has an MBA, giving him a unique perspective on the industry and its relationship with the rest of the business world. Building a web-site with us is fast and efficient. There is no need to explain the industry or what a meter read is.

We offer web-sites services including design, hosting and all updates for one affordable cost. Whether you need an entire web-site, or just want to use our complete up-to-date product catalogs we can help. If you want to replace your old site with a new look; we can have a new site up in a day or two. If you are satisfied with your existing site and are simply having a hard time keeping products up to date we can help you there as well.

The Internet has changed not only how we work but how we live. Can potential customers find you when when doing a Google search? As an office equipment dealer you have plenty of things to keep you up at night. Worrying about your web presence should not be one of those things. What are customers seeing when they visit you on the internet? Is everything up-to-date and easy to find? If not, that is where we come in.

You would not think about building your own machines or making your own toner. Why handle your own web-site? Let us take care of your web-site so that you can take care of your business.

Are you fully utilizing the Internet to help grow your business? Is your web-site up-to-date or is it full of discontinued models? Are your sales people frustrated that the latest models are not on your site? Are potential customers finding your business when they look for equipment? If not, let us help you Tap into The Web.